Sometimes I wish that I had a magic pill or an ancient remedy that I could share with everyone to help them to lose weight and be healthier.  The reason I say this is that people generally do not believe me when I tell them that the answer to their weight loss is within reach, if they make a series of lifestyle changes. People seem to want to believe that those green coffee beans are what they need or that they have to get their hands on the latest, greatest supplement.

People want to believe this because they want to keep living their lives in exactly the same way and be able to lose the weight around their mid-section. People want me to give them exercises but they do not want me to look at what they are actually consuming because it may mean that they have to give up their favorite food, which incidentally may be the reason that they cannot lose weight.

I have had clients tell me directly that they will do all of the exercises I suggest but they will not stop drinking diet soda, nor will they stop eating bread or sugar.  One client told me that she hates water!  How can someone hate water?  What that tells me is that this person has become addicted to sweetened beverages or sugar in general. In my experience, just getting people to stop drinking sweetened beverages and replace all of them with plain water, makes a huge difference in their waist line.

Aside from what people are eating, I tell them to make sure that they are getting formal exercise in every single day. Then the excuses start. “Well I have no time.”  In my experience, I can find thirty minutes to an hour of idle time in almost everyones day.  Most people are watching television or surfing the net at some point to relax.  Swap out that time for a walk or some muscle conditioning and stretching. If there really is no time wasted on watching television etc., than I tell people to get up thirty minutes earlier and do a home based workout.  “But I cannot do that!”

The solution is simple. The problem is you need to get out of your own way!

If you really want to lose weight, that should become your focus until you achieve success. Enlist the help of every professional you can find. Ask your friends to help you out by working out together. Shed the house of all processed food ( I had to do this because of an allergy and everyone is healthier as a result) and get your family cooking and eating well as a unit. Stop eating out. Drink plenty of water. Avoid all soda and processed sugar. Focus on eating tons of fruit and vegetables and lean protein.

I had no choice but to stop eating almost all processed foods because of an allergy to gluten.  While I do not suggest that people follow my diet, I will tell you that not being able to eat bread ( I really have not found a yummy replacement) forced me to turn to vegetables and fruits more. The problem may not be the bread but the fact that you are not consuming enough of the other good food groups because you are filling up on bread, crackers, cookies and muffins.

I lost ten pounds within two months simply by changing my diet and I was not looking to lose weight. I lost the weight around my middle.  Now one year later, at the age of 48, I can actually see my six pack when so many people told me that it will never happen.  I had resigned myself to the frump of old age but my gluten allergy helped me to become far healthier and now happier.

I know that you wish I had a magic pill but just think how much that pill would cost and invest instead in good quality food and if needed, a personal trainer…:)

Have a great day everyone.