Last year, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia.  This came as a huge surprise given that I do aerobics, weight train and eat plenty of calcium rich foods.  It seems that it is hereditary as my father’s autopsy report revealed that he had osteoporosis but never knew it.

When I expressed my surprise to the doctor her response gave me pause.

“Imagine how worse off you could be, had you not been exercising and eating so well.”

I was so upset by this little blip in my life, so focused on the details of how it could be true, that I needed to step back and look at the big picture.

Were I not a fitness trainer, I might be telling a very different story right now. I might be on medication. I might be very worried about falls and fractures or I may be trying to recover after breaking a bone.

I remind my students often that I cannot prevent falls or accidents. All of us can still get diseases and we may injure ourselves despite all of our time in the gym.

The good news is that when our components (muscles, tendons and ligaments) are strong and our engines (heart and circulatory system) are efficient, we can handle a few bumps in the road. We might hit a pothole and suffer a bit of damage but in no time at all we will be back doing what we love. If we take good care of ourselves, we will sustain less, long lasting damage should we run into these health problems down the road.

I originally became a trainer because both of my parents suffered with heart disease and I did not want this to be in my future. I took it upon myself to get in shape and put the odds in my favour. Sometimes we cannot escape destiny but we can certainly try our best to control it!

I am proud that all of you are living your best life by keeping fit and being active. We are better off in the long run. This I can guarantee.

Have a wonderful day!