I am currently reading “The Productivity Project,” by Chris Bailey. I have many short and long term goals that I hope to accomplish and this book is helping me to get started.

One of the tips that I have started using is what Chris calls “the rule of three.”  It is nothing new. He even claims that many people before him have adopted this strategy but I had never done it the way that Chris suggests.  He tells us to project into the future by imagining ourselves at the end of our day. What three things would we like to have accomplished by that time? So instead of simply making a list of three chores to do during the day, he wants us to think of the things that once accomplished, would give us the most peace.

I started doing this last week and it is wonderful.  I make two lists. The main ‘rule of three’ and then I put three easier items on the list as well. I am now being far more productive with my time, as I work with intention throughout the day to achieve my goals.

Chris claims that by doing this first thing in the morning, before we open the email or the news, we set our personal goals and priorities. We can then keep our eyes focused on our own goals and work with intention instead of just being busy. Things will come our way but we will learn to prioritize in order to accomplish what we really want to get done, instead of dropping our goals to satisfy others.  It is brilliant. Simple and really affective.

I am finding that this little tip is helping me to keep my day more balanced. Yes, I have obligations but now instead of flopping down on the couch after work or wasting time watching television or surfing the net, I keep my goals in mind and get real things accomplished.

People often tell me that they have no time to exercise and I often tell people that I have no time to get that book written. Chris says that we all have the same 24 hours and yet some of us are very productive and others are not.  I want to be one of the productive people and some of us want to be healthier, so we make choices based on these desires.

It is simply a matter of shifting our priorities and changing our behaviour.

I highly recommend this book.  Have a wonderful day everyone.