My smile says it all. I feel as though everything is moving in the right direction.

In the picture above I was in Toronto at the World Fitness Expo and I was excited to be there as part of the canfitpro, PRO TRAINER team. In the weeks to come, I will be writing about some of the new exercise trends that were featured at the show but today I just want to fill you in on some of the ways that I have been spending my time this summer. And can I just say, what a great summer we have had! We have to cling to this warm feeling and remember it when winter hits.

My biggest news is that I have passed my level 2 Essentrics training exam. Considering that I only began this journey last October I am feeling quite proud.

As I have explained before, there are 4 levels to this training. It is very intense and daunting. In fact, many teachers get stuck in level 1 because the process is so time consuming. There is nothing wrong with staying at level 1 because at this level you still have access to 11 choreographies that have been designed by the founder. I just I want to be able to create my own choreography and you only get to do that once you have completed all 4 levels. Plus I never do anything just part way. That is my style.

By the way, Essentrics is here to stay in a big way. It was featured at the World Fitness Expo and there were tons of people in attendance ready to take part and experience the class. I will be writing an article for canfitpro magazine about the workout, so stay tuned for that. If any of you have positive stories of how Essentrics has changed your life, I would love to highlight some of your success stories. Please contact me soon.

I am currently running my first canfitproFitness Instructor Specialist training course. Many of you know that I am a school teacher by trade but I fell in love with fitness and couldn’t go back to teaching high school. Now I get to be back in the classroom and I could not be happier. I am so excited to share my experience with tomorrow’s leaders.

I will be giving a talk at the Pointe Claire library on October 3rd about my book, Fundamental Fitness After Fifty, physiotherapist will be joining me that night to answer questions about the exercises that I believe are fundamental to functional living. I am passionate about my book and I cannot wait to share it with you. Both my husband and I will be present for signing as he is a model in the book as well.

I have had many requests to get into my private line dance class. Unfortunately, the class is at maximum capacity again this year. I need to find a new space to accomodate more dancers. I will look into this for next year but for now, I can put your name on a waiting list if you send me a message via this website. I never dreamed that this little class that I opend up in 2011 with 8 students would become so successful. People love dancing and I love teaching it.

I hope that you are all keeping active. Please note that registration at our facility is taking place right now. I hope to see all of you back in classes mid-September.

Take care of yourselves,