This family picture is 6 years old. I want you to ignore my family, just for a minute, and take in the view.

If you look past the people, you can see a river, trees and a mountain.  This is the view from the front of my sister’s cottage.The most amazing thing about this location is the absolute silence you experience when you climb out of your car after the long drive. You do not hear the traffic, construction noise, lawn mowers and people.

All you hear is nature.  You can literally “feel” the calm.  It washes over you like a wave, not to mention the fresh air! The air quality is uplifting.

At first it can be a bit unsettling because I believe we have lost that true sense of nature. We are so bombarded by noise in our homes and our work environment, we are a bit out of sorts when we really experience quiet.

For the last few months I have had no neighbours.  For various reasons the houses closest to me are empty. I now realize how the constant barrage of noise from those homes has been negatively affecting my health and I only know this because now I feel much calmer sitting on my porch. I sleep better and I am not as stressed out.

Before, there was a dog barking non-stop. When they first moved in, the dog was placed outside to live through all weather and seasons. The poor thing barked all of the time but once it knew nothing would change it would only bark when people walked by, however that meant all day to a certain extent.  So I would always know something was up outside if the dog was barking night or day and now I see that this was causing me to tense up all of the time. “Oh the dog is barking I have to go and see why? What is up?”Now I have no need to do this, I am not being constantly interrupted.

This particular neighbour loves/loved loud trucks, snowmobiles, ATV’s. So there was always some sort of engine running. I kid you not. Yes, I live in paradise as well but people like their machines in the country. Well for me, life without this noise is lovely.

My point in all of this is to let you know that I now see how badly I was actually feeling and I only know this because the noise went away.

We only know how good we can feel once we experience something different. If you get a chance to experience true silence, please take it.

Twice a year I go to a “Silent Retreat.” I pay to spend 6-8 hours in complete silence. We are lead through various activities and meditations and we are fed organic, raw, delicious food. People laugh when I tell them that I do this but once you experience it, and give yourself permission to slow down, you can observe how you are really feeling inside and this eventually can lead you to making better lifestyle choices, on your journey to becoming the best you can be.

 I often think that people who are supposedly too busy to exercise, or who think they are fine without going to classes etc, only think this way because they have no idea how good that they can feel. They are so busy feeling badly, they have no idea what they are missing.

Forcing yourself to slow down and be in silence, is a gift because you can actually hear your own inner voice and what it is trying to tell you, through all of your various aches and pains.

I hope you can experience a bit of calm and quiet today.
Make it happen.

Have a great day.