HOLY CRAP, what a week!

Lost my job last Thursday night because of the Covid-19 virus and have been glued to the news ever since. Thankfully, my family and I are healthy so I am counting my blessings daily and trying to come up with a new normal in the face of this global tragedy.

My message today: If you are in self-isolation, which is most of the world right now, you need to create a routine for yourself. We cannot stay in panic mode 24/7 or we will make ourselves sick. I literally sat down this morning over my coffee and made a daily schedule for myself. I no longer have a job that sets the parameters of my day, and this is bad because it has resulted in tons of couch surfing, coupled with stress eating! This madness must stop or I will need to buy a whole new lululemon wardrobe when this is over and I cannot afford that! Ha, ha.

We cannot change what is happening around us but we can change how we react.

Take control. Set limits on your news input and follow it. Get fresh air every single day and find ways to move.

I have started giving classes virtually FOR FREE.

If you are one of my students, I am trying to keep our schedule the same.

Contact me if you are interested in using the Zoom app to enter a virtual classroom with me and workout each day.

We can beat this. We just have to accept the new normal and run with it.

Love you all. Stay healthy.