This summer I decided to reread all of Rhonda Bryne’s books in the Secret Series. Rhonda teaches us about the power of positive thought and how we can improve our lives just by changing the way we think. Even though I have been using her techniques for years, I wanted to see if I could improve my outlook on life.

The Magic is particularly interesting because of her 28 Day program. Rhonda gives us a different exercise to complete each day and part of the work involves making a list of ten things for which you are grateful. Each morning, over my cup of coffee, I would make my list and the improvement that I have seen in my attitude is incredible. Intead of dwelling on the negative I now push those thoughts out of my mind quickly and do one of her exercises and I feel happier. It has become a habit.

So this is my challenge to you my friends: make a list each day for the next 28 days, of ten things that you are grateful for, and let me know next month if this exercise helped you in any way.

It can be difficult to come up with ten things when you first begin, but soon it will get easier. The challenge of course is to try to find different things to be grateful for each day. Think back over the day before and include any little moments that brought you joy. You should see those moments increase by doing this exercise.

Example: I am truly grateful for the positivity of my boss. I love feeling inspired in my work.

I had many wonderful moments this summer and here is my list.

My Gratitude List for Summer 2017

  1. I am truly grateful for the vacation time that I had this summer. I love having time to do things for myself.
  2. I am truly grateful that my husband and I went away for a week. I love being with just him, in a new setting.
  3. I am truly grateful that my medical test results came back showing health! I love feeling my best.
  4. I am truly grateful that my friend had a peaceful passing. I love knowing that she is no longer in any pain.
  5. I am truly grateful that my oldest returned safely from his trip out west. I love having my kids around.
  6. I am truly grateful that I’ve been able to help my 63 year old friend who suffered a stroke. I love using my skills to help others.
  7. I am truly grateful for the success of my vegetable garden and roses. I love growing my own food and flowers.
  8. I am truly grateful for landing a freelance writing job. I love knowing that one day I will be published.
  9. I am truly grateful for the help that I am getting to self publish my fitness book. I love feeling supported.
  10. I am truly grateful that my kids are succeeding at fulfulling their dreams. I love seeing my kids happy!

So until classes start up again, this is your exercise!

I will be publishing my blog twice a week.

See you Monday!