I meet clients everyday who are dealing with chronic pain or disease and when they show up in my class, smiling and ready to take on the days fitness challenge, I am humbled.

At 48, I have the regular aches and pains as I inch toward the big 5, 0. I have some health issues that have kicked my butt over the last five years, but nothing compares to the student who has battled breast cancer and won, or the plentitude of broken hearts from the loss of a spouse or child. I have watched many of my students rise up from what appeared to be unsurmountable odds and return to my classes with smiles in tact.

So whenever I feel like giving up, and staying in bed, I think about all of my students and the loads that they are carrying to class. I am reminded that it is all about our attitude toward life.

We cannot change what happens to us but we can change how we react.

It may be hard to get to class but if we can just get ourselves there, the smiles around us and the laughter will carry us through the exercise.

This is when the magic happens.

We forget our troubles and concerns for just a short while and in that space, we feel lighter and momentarily relieved. Yes, I said relieved. Even when we are doing sit-ups or push-ups, our minds and hearts get a break, as our muscles meet the challenge.

Exercise makes us feel better. When we feel better, we make better choices about our food and our health in general. When we make better choices, our bodies respond and our pain is alleviated. Over a period of time, we become happier and healthier.


See you soon,