People often tell me that they admire my ability to complete projects and then they go on to tell me why they could never do what I have done.

I hear excuses like, “I can’t find the time” or “the job is too large!”

I have managed to achieve my goals because I embraced the magic of 20 and used it in both my writing and in my fitness classes and the results are impressive. I am here to tell you that you can be successful as well. Whether you are trying to lose weight through exercise or write your memoir, just break the task down into timed bits and before you know it, you will have something to celebrate!

I started teaching Tabata last year, which is a type of training that demands students do a challenging fitness move for only twenty seconds followed by ten seconds of rest. We complete eight cycles and then take one minute to rest before starting another round. My students are improving their cardiovascular fitness through this simple concept of doing little spurts of energy for short periods of time.

The truth is you have to work hard to improve your cardiovascular fitness level and most people don’t have the time to work out for hours on end to achieve great results. Tabata allows for an increase in cardiovascular stamina without the need for many long hours of traditional aerobic exercise. My class is packed with students. People love this simple and yet effective way of getting into better shape.

How do I use the magic of 20 in my writing? In 2016, I started writing in twenty minute increments followed by a mandatory five minute break, and this has resulted in three published books!

I’m currently writing four books and in order to get them done, I work on each of them for only twenty minutes a day. I get up at 5 am so that I can write for two hours before I have to get ready for my busy day of teaching but if early morning doesn’t appeal to you, maybe you can carve out twenty minutes in the evening. The important thing is to find the time that suits you best and then set your timer.

This magic of 20 eliminated my procrastination habit. I could no longer say that I had no time to devote to writing a book. Everyone can find twenty minutes in their day for any activity. Set a timer and stop working after it rings. Do this daily and before you know it you will have achieved your goal.

The answer is simple but for some reason we make it complicated. Get busy!

See you soon,