I had a client come up to me on Monday morning and tell me that she had just read an article that said we should stop doing aerobics and sit-ups and only do high intensity interval training.

My first piece of advice is to be careful of extremes in exercise and dieting.  While I agree that HIIT is effective for many people, it is not necessarily safe for everyone.  When choosing a fitness program, I would rather than you pick many different forms and types of training, instead of looking for the magic cure.

I say this for two reasons. One you avoid injury and two you are better able to target all of the components of fitness.

What I see happening is people falling into the trap of training exactly the same way and eating exactly the same foods all of the time, while expecting their weight and body composition to change. If you want to see change in yourself, you have to change what you are doing.

So you can try interval training for awhile and if you have never done it before, you will see results. I see the most change in new clients who go from doing absolutely nothing, to working out at the gym everyday. Those individuals see dramatic changes in their weight and the way that their clothes fit, if they are watching what they eat as well.  The trouble begins when they settle into that class that they love and keep doing only that for 15 years. They plateau and stop seeing results.

I have always encouraged you to try all of the different types of classes that are offered. Listen to how your body responds to the training. Is your back hurting you? Is your knee acting up?  Interval training can be good but it can also involve many fast movements that can put us at risk if we have weak joints and muscles.

If you are stuck in a rut when it comes to your eating. Pick up a cookbook and try some new healthy recipes. I am not a vegan nor do I eat only Paleo foods but I have both types of cookbooks and I have found wonderful dishes that involve foods that I never would have tried before. I eat coconut butter, oil and flour and beverage now. I bake with almond flour and different rice flours. I eat more vegetables and fruits than I ever did before simply because I found wonderful ways to prepare them and I am healthier as a result.

Change it up people!
You will see results.

Have a great day.