Sometimes we
can’t do it alone.
Sometimes we
need a friend to help us along the way.
This is a
photograph of myself and Rob, my nephew, taken by him last autumn.  We are just 5 years apart in age, so we grew
to be friends before we even knew the importance of family.
Rob has been
a sounding board to me through much of my life. 
We are constantly talking about new and alternative methods to help us to relieve stress.
Rally the
support of one of your friends to encourage you to try new things. Perhaps he or she would like to join a class with you.
I heard a long time ago about two friends who would take each other’s right
shoe home after the workout. This would require the other person to show up at
the gym the next day, as not doing so, would let the other down! 
Rob is a
Reiki practioner. I have asked him to share his knowledge of this healing art. Rob refers to it as another tool in your “personal toolkit for
staying healthy.”
It is similar
to massage however no hands touch you.  I
will let him explain.  It is an hour of
complete relaxation and quiet.  
You will
find his explanation of Reiki under the Pages listed on the left hand side
under my Blog Archive.
I hope you find a Reiki practioner and give this a try. It may make all the difference.
Have a great