I meet so many wonderfully fit individuals.  Ladies and men alike who come to the gym regularly to keep their bodies healthy and in top shape. These individuals are serious about their fitness regime, but I am sad to say that most of them spend little or no time stretching or improving their flexibility.

It is so important to train all of your muscles in a balanced way.

For example, you do not train your abdominals, without also training your back.  You would not just train your biceps and forget about your triceps.  If you do forget to train the opposing muscle group, you can end up being out of balance and cause yourself injury.

In addition, if you train your muscles to be strong, you must also train them to be flexible. If we do not do this, our range of motion may be limited, which puts us at risk for tearing a tendon or a muscle. Simple movements like bending over to pick something up, or twisting quickly to catch a ball, can result in tears if we are not flexible. If you have ever been to a physiotherapist, you know that they often identify the tight muscle group as part of the problem, if not the main cause of the injury.

In all of my muscle conditioning classes, we have always finished with yoga postures for the last 10 to 15 minutes of class. I just did not call them by name. For the most part, I simply directed the stretch while we chatted and laughed and amused ourselves! So do not be afraid to attend my yoga classes.  You will be very familiar with the postures.

I am happy to say that my new Tuesday yoga stretch at the Quanta Wellness Center is full for this month. 

This class is a wonderful addition to any fitness regime as it is designed to increase flexibility and relieve stress.

I still  have space available on Thursdays and I hope that some of you will consider venturing over to this lovely center. The atmosphere is quaint and calming.

Have a wonderful day everyone and get some stretching in today!
Quanta Wellness Center :  514-966-7463