Electronic fitness trackers. Fitbits. Apple watches. Old fashioned step counters. For some, these devices play an important role in keeping them on point when it comes to exercise.

I’m thrilled when people come up to me with smiles on their faces after class to tell me how many ‘steps or circles’ they just completed! I was quite skeptical of these gadgets when they first came on the market but I learned a long time ago, that the real goal is to get people moving and whatever accomplishes this qualifies as an excellent fitness tool!

I see people fall off the fitness wagon regularly and my job is to motivate, encourage and to do all I can to ensure that people stay on track because quite honestly, our health is the most important thing we own. And it must be maintained by consistent effort or it slips away easily!

This is why I have invested in so many different pieces of equipment over the years. I am trying to keep people’s interest! It is also why I keep studying. I hold a number of certifications so that I can help people achieve their goals in any way that they would like to move! We can dance, do Essentrics, yoga, aerobics, step, aquafitness or muscle conditioning.

I wrote a fitness book to try to reach even more people and the latest tool that I have added to my business is workout videos.

I have made three separate videos; one for beginner, intermediate and advanced students.

The response has been wonderful but I have a few people saying, “I don’t need a video because I come to class!”

This is a fair point but we can’t always make it to class and far too often when people miss one, they miss two and are at risk of stopping altogether.

I made the videos for this reason. When the weather is bad or you have an appointment and have to miss the class time, you can pop in the DVD or stream one of the three videos offered and still exercise. And you can take me on vacation when you leave for the sunny spots three months at a time! Your body will thank you and there is less chance that you will fall off of the fitness wagon!

There are die hard gym participants and also people who swear by exercising at home. It is often hard to convince one to try the other but I always say that variety is key. Put many tools in your fitness tool box and give yourself the best chance at success.

Should you want to place an order for a video or my book, just go to the Contact me button from the Home page and tell me your order. Or email me at betholdfield01@gmail.com.

Have a great day.