I heard this expression yesterday on a talk show and it stuck with me. The discussion was about the upcoming changes to Canada’s food guide and food labeling. The government is hoping that the changes will better inform people about healthy eating. A nurse called up to say that she is happy with these changes because of the “high cost of low living.”

Processed foods are cheaper than fresh fruit and vegetables and this nurse was warning people that eating cheap foods comes with a high price to our health. Too much sugar, salt and unhealthy fat, leads to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

I would add that refusing to invest in your health by joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer, comes at a high cost as well.

It’s not just about the food you eat. Yes, programs can be expensive but avoiding formal exercise altogether can have a negative impact on your health down the road. To be honest, it is not usually cost that keeps people away from the gym. I rarely hear this as an excuse. It comes down to making better choices.

One of my students  has said to me for years and years that she prefers to pay for fitness classes, rather than medications to ease sickness. Mariette sees fitness as a way to say healthy.

Invest well in your health and save money and time later on in life.

See you in class!