Today, marks the start of week three of our Winter Session. By now you should be starting to get comfortable with the exercises, aerobic patterns and flow of my classes. From here on in, we can start to build on your initial success and intensify the challenges, so that you can move safely toward achieving your fitness goals.

The classes have been crowded and everyone has been polite and patient with our new clients. I have seen  ‘regulars’ giving helpful advice to’ newbies’ and I have noticed that one of my most devoted students, has given up her space in the front of the class, so that new students can see me better! While it is heart warming to watch you welcome new students into our facility, I know that it can be difficult to have your routine interrupted by large crowds. I am grateful for your help and cooperation.

The best part of week three begins today when we all arrive knowing what to expect, ready for the challenge! If you are new to exercise, it can take this long for you to get over the initial discomfort. And if you show up this week, I know that you are truly committed to achieving your goals!

Today, you will likely have more space around you, as some people will have decided that the gym is not for them, and you will be able to push yourself a wee bit more because you are growing used to the experience in general. I refer to this as the Glory of Week 3. More room to move, more knowledge of yourself and your capabilities and a greater desire to succeed!

You are well on your way to becoming more fit. Congratulations!

See you soon,