Meet Rachel Bouthillier, Masso-Kinesitherapist and owner of the Quanta Wellness Center in Valois Village, Pointe Claire.
Though I have worked alongside Rachel for a brief period of time and enjoyed her enthusiastic, caring personality and style, I had not yet had a massage from Rachel. Until last evening. Now I know why so many people have been bragging about how wonderful she is at her craft!
I was privileged to have one of the best massage sessions I have ever had last night and here is what made it wonderful:
Rachel actually did what I asked her to do. I told her that I simply wanted a massage that would leave me feeling relaxed. I told her that though she will discover many tight problem areas, to please not try to fix all of my issues during this short massage! To my pleasant surprise, she listened! 

    The massage was balanced. Sometimes therapists start off strong on one half of the body and then they  appear to lose their energy part way through and you leave feeling unbalanced. Rachel maintained the same pressure and followed the same pattern. It was totally relaxing and I was not thinking, “wait, she forgot to..”
    Rachel did not talk and most importantly did not use the fact that I am a personal trainer to pick my brain and chat about the trials and tribulations of our jobs. I have had massages where the therapist talks the whole time. On one occasion it felt like I was the therapist! 
    The room was peaceful, warm and welcoming. The music was just the right volume and there was no over powering smell of incense that can sometimes fill massage rooms. The environment was perfect.
If you are in need of a massage during this holiday season, I highly recommend booking a massage with Rachel. She came highly recommended to me and now I can tell you, that she is simply amazing.
Have a great weekend everyone,