Joy and fitness go together. For the newcomer, it can take a while to experience the ‘high’ that comes from exercise but it does exist and it’s one of the reasons that people continue to battle February weather to make it to class.

Yes, it is hard to push ourselves to reach our fitness goals but the process of breaking a sweat and releasing stress becomes quite addictive. The after effects are long lasting and that is when we feel this ‘high’ or joy. We move easier and breathe better for the rest of the day. Usually our minds are clearer after a good workout which can help us to be more productive and efficient in other areas of our lives. When we discover these benefits we want to keep exercising!

Joy is experienced during fitness in other ways as well. I love seeing my students show their happiness when they remember all of the steps to a dance, or when they are able to keep up to the cardio or muscle component of the class. In both cases, I get to see lovely smiles and hear lots of laughter. I’m a lucky lady!

Today, one of my students returned after the holidays for the first time. She has been battling a bad cold for weeks but she felt well enough to come today. She was a bit hesitant at first but before I knew it she was grooving during our dances like she hadn’t missed a beat. The smile on her face said it all and her laughter and joyful attitude was catchy!

A number of my students live alone and when they arrive at the gym and are surrounded by their friends, the joy is palpable. Sometimes I wish I could just sit off to the side and continue to watch but I’m the ‘driver of the bus’ so to speak and I have to get us moving. So when you see me break out into smiles during our time together it’s because I can’t hide my own joy at having the best job in the world! Thanks for sharing your time with me, it makes me a better person.

See you soon,