In my business, I hear a lot said about “the best exercise.”

While it is true that if you have an injury, or if you are physically limited in some way, there may be ‘better’ exercises for you to do than others, I believe that the best exercise is the one that you will actually do everyday, or three times per week.

I love being in the gym and can be there for hours teaching or taking different classes. If someone said that the best exercise was cross country skiing or kick boxing and that nothing else can compare, I would be very discouraged, as I do not like either one of these activities. We are all motivated by different things and none of us will continue an activity that we do not like.

You have to find that one thing that you love so much, you will do it when the weather is unpleasant or you are very busy. It is so easy to make excuses for not taking care of ourselves, that we need to tap into that one type of fitness that will keep us committed. Often we are our own worst enemy when it comes to commitment, so choose an activity that you enjoy and if you have not found it yet, keep looking.

Once you have found that perfect exercise class or activity, you still need to train in a balanced way.

Make sure that your whole body is being trained and not just the muscles used in the said activity. Remember to train for strength, balance and flexibility. You need to work on all the components of physical conditioning, to be able to do that activity, to the best of your ability, for as long as possible.

This might be the one thing that is missing in your routine because you do not like to formally workout but it is very important if you want to stay healthy and avoid overuse injuries from your favorite sport.

You have to keep your health in balance, to continue to live pain free. So while walking may be your favorite activity, your muscles upper body muscles and core are atrophying if you are not training them. This fact can set you up for physical problems down the road which may take you away from walking.

Find your balance.

Have a wonderful day.