Occasionally I hear wonderful things from my students. “Because of your class, I’m in better shape and my life has improved in the following ways!” I love knowing that people are meeting their fitness goals and seeing improvement in their health. Your success stories motivate me to keep learning and improving as a teacher. Last week, I received a very different compliment and probably the best one to date.

“I became an instructor because of attending your classes!”

I have to admit that these words stopped me in my tracks. When I introduced myself to the new, young teacher in our center she looked very familiar. I questioned whether we had met before and she admitted that she used to attend my class many years ago when I taught at night. She pointed out the position in the room that she held for years, and when she smiled I remembered her instantly. At the time, I was new to teaching at approximately 30-34 years old. I was a Mom in the daytime to three kids under five and a fitness instructor in the evening.

I officially feel old now but in a good way. I am very touched to know that I helped to motivate someone to become an instructor. This is not an easy business but when you truly love what you do, the experience is incredibly rewarding.

Keep those stories coming. I love knowing how I may have played a role in your fitness journey.

See you soon,