Line Dance has a bad rap. If you’ve never tried it, chances are the first thing that comes to your mind is country music; cowboy boots and wedding receptions, where people goof around on the dance floor after a few drinks. While it is that, it is also a serious medium for improving fitness. I know this because I have been teaching many of the same students since 2011.

I can honestly tell you that I have never had so much fun while improving my memory, coordination, balance and cardiovascular health as I do in my dance classes. We laugh together when we make mistakes and cheer with joy when we get through some of the more complicated dances without error. The social bonding is second to none. Students hate to miss their dance lesson not just because of the new steps being showcased but for the camaraderie that the class provides.

There have been many reports circulating around the internet as of late touting the benefits of dance. From my perspective, I have witnessed a drastic improvement in cognitive function, co-ordination and balance in all of my line dance students. While it may have been hard to remember 16 counts of steps a few years ago, it is much easier to master the 48 and 64 count dances today. The ability to remember complicated footwork after hearing just a few bars of a familiar song is incredible. And the ability to process the new information quickly is astounding.

Music lifts our mood and motivates us to succeed and when we dance along to our favorite song, we feel invincible. There really is no better feeling! With each success our confidence grows and I have seen this new found determination work it’s way into other aspects of my students’ lives. We are more eager to try new tasks when we feel confident and capable.

Learning new things will keep you young.

Find a class and get dancing today. Even if it is difficult at first, you will eventually succeed and find joy! I promise.

See you soon,