Often we feel great until we reach too high or run a bit too fast.

The hard truth is that we’re all breaking down slowly and if we’re not working hard at maintaining our health through regular formal fitness, than we’re putting ourselves at risk of injury. We also need a variety of workouts to meet the needs of all body parts.

We might feel stellar on the outside. We may even look like we did when we were playing on the high school football team. This combination can be deceiving and it is only when we have reason to run or jump that we realize how much stamina we have lost.

It’s not enough to simply be active. Yes, you can play golf or swim or walk but the muscles that are not used during those activities are losing their ability to perform optimally. Your body is a chain and you need every link to keep working properly if you want to remain healthy later in life.

So don’t be under the illusion that you can still run as fast as you once did or that you can lift as much weight, if you have not been exercising the whole body properly.

The great news is that it is never too late to get started.

Once you commit to training well, you will find that you will heal faster from injuries and sickness.

I am witness to miraculous tales of people returning to normal living after suffering serious setbacks. My clients range in age from mid fifty to early eighty and it is because of their dedication to fitness that they continue to enjoy healthy living.

I am inspired daily by these stories.

Get busy!

See you soon,