Thank you to all my students for making this the best winter session I have ever had.  Despite the sleet, snow and cold, you all managed to brave the weather and get yourselves to class. You are my inspiration!

Many of you are dealing with nasty colds and could not be there this week. Some of you have bronchitis, a few of you have pneumonia. I know that you are sorry that you missed the last week of classes but you have been on my mind the whole time. When you are not in class, I ask your friends where you are or I send you an email.  When you are not with us, everyone honours your ‘spot’ and leaves it empty, so I can see the gaps in the crowd and think of you.

I want to wish you all a Happy Easter break. There are no fitness classes next week but you can get together and walk or dance.

I need this little vacation to recover some energy and plan all of the programming for the next 10-12 weeks.

If you have missed doing a dance or if you would like to see an exercise brought back from the past, send me an email. I am taking requests!

I will still be writing my blog.

Have a great long weekend!