I think we have all woken up having had an amazing dream, be it good or bad.

This morning I am up thanks to a  nightmare I was having about being so late for my first class, that I was actually reaching for my cell phone to text my boss that I was not going to make it in on time.

Turns out that in real life my alarm had gone off but I went right back to sleep…I never do this. Ever.

I then proceeded to have a terrible dream where I simply could not get myself together on time. For people who know me, you know that “timing” is my thing!  I am never late, off the beat and food arrives at the table piping hot etc.  I am very organized so I guess when I have nightmares, time is involved!

I will spare you the crazy details but suffice it to say that it felt like it had been going on for hours, when in reality a half an hour had passed. I found myself opening my eyes in real time to get my phone to text my boss the bad news that she had twenty minutes to find a replacement for me and realized that I was actually late!  I jumped so high my husband must have thought there was a real emergency.

Two weeks ago, I was having such a bad dream that it kept looping over and over and I only snapped out of it when I heard my name being called and whoever was calling me would not stop until I woke up.  When I opened my eyes, my husband was asleep and my kids had slept out that night. No one was calling my name.

All to say that somehow we are connected to another realm through our sleep. I am guessing papers could be written about the specifics of my dreams and what they are telling me.  All I know is that I have to get ready for work so I do not make this recent nightmare and reality! LOL.

Have a great day everyone.