I had the pleasure of spending the day with my sweet Sarah yesterday up north at the Spa.  For any of you who have kids it is just amazing to me how we turn around at one point and they are all grown up.

Sarah is 20 years old now and has accomplished so much already!  She has completed college and is a manager at a restaurant.  She is preparing for a trip to Europe and seems to have it all under control.

Even as a three year old she was fearless and helpful.  Here is she on one of her maiden walks down the country road to her friends house, with her little brother in tow, teaching him how to do it!

 Fyi, I was freaked out that my babies were heading off on their own but Sarah has taught me time and time again that she’s “got this!” I was a bit of a nervous Mom. The first time my oldest rode his bicycle around the block by himself, I think I sat on the porch and cried and prayed he would be fine.  Now he is riding dirt bikes and all kinds of machines doing crazy stunts and having a blast…while I am not watching of course!

Funny thing is,I do not remember my parents stressing about my whereabouts at all while I was growing up. We left the house in the morning and returned for lunch and then dinner and then bedtime. No questions. No concerns.

When Sarah started college in Montreal, the big city, I was equally as afraid but now she stands before me an accomplished young woman with a passion for art, a huge heart and a joy for life that is lovely to be around.

Watching her sleep at the Spa yesterday certainly tells me that we never stop being Mom’s.  To me she was three all over again, all curled up for a restful afternoon nap.  Wow, I am such a suck! 

So today’s post is a big thank you  to Sarah for persisting in discovering her true self, despite any attempts made by me to sway, direct and mother her in my direction!  As parents we figure we have to drive the bus and keep the door shut at certain intersections to protect our kids.  Sarah is living proof that letting her get off at the stops of her choosing, was the smartest thing I ever did.

Bravo my beautiful Sarah.

Hug your kids today…geeze they grow up and leave us fast!!