This is a very simple note to thank those students who have taken the time to wish me well over the last few days. I have very little time to chat before class begins so I wanted to let you know that I am touched by your kindness.

I have done my best over the years to convey the importance of staying in shape, so that when we run into little glitches in our health, we are able to fight back and heal faster! Most of the time I do not share my own stories at work with you because I am there to hear yours. I am there to support you on your journey but please know that I feel your support for me loud and clear and I appreciate it.

When we attend the same classes for so many years we become family. This is the best part of group fitness classes because once you make friends at the gym, you are less likely to ‘disappoint’ them by not showing up! When you are not in attendance for a period of time, I start to get questions about your whereabouts. People want to extend a hand if need be or an encouraging word.

I have had many encouraging words come my way and it is nice to feel the love. What a wonderful community of support!

I am back to teaching all of my classes!

Thank you and I will see you soon,