This weekend many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving. Some of us may feel we have little to celebrate. Some of us are full of gratitude for the good in our lives.

I have been in both places at different times in my life but during the darkest period, I discovered that the only way to climb out of that hole was to choose to be happy. I focused only on good thoughts and let the sad ones pass right through.

Have you noticed that when you are talking about all of the bad things going on, more bad things happen? Worry begets worry.

We have lovely skylights in our exercise room and often I remark about the beautiful sunshine streaming in. Are you one of those people who thinks or says, ” ya but just wait until the storm hits!”

Shift your focus on what is good now and watch your life change. Look in the mirror and focus on what you like about yourself. Try giving more of yourself and your time to your friends and family or community.

I am truly thankful that I love my work and I thank all of my students for all that they add to my life.

I am thankful for my health and for the health of my family and for the love of my friends.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend everyone.

I will be busy cleaning, cooking and celebrating from now until Tuesday. My blog will return on October 11.

Take care,