Just a quick note today to thank everyone who sent loving vibes my way concerning my daughter’s health. 

Thanks to antibiotics, she is finally recovering.  Now she has to make up for not eating for a week!  Makes me wonder how awful it must be to live in a country where one does not have easy access to medicine and medical care.

We are so thankful!

I have sent a picture of her smiling and looking a bit better to members of our family who have been keeping up with me on Facebook about her condition but she will not let me post it on social media!  Something about no makeup and her hair.. 🙂

To me she looks so beautiful but I shall respect the youngster.

Have a great day and I see some of you soon in class.  It will be so nice to be back to teaching after spending the last 5 days as a nurse!  God Bless all nurses and Dr’s.  After spending a teeny, tiny bit of time in your world, I prefer my job.