Today’s post is just a simple thank you letter to my students. I just want all of you to know that I am grateful to have you in my life

When I am feeling down, there is at least one student who makes my day brighter with a smile or a piece of good news about their health. Thank you!

When I am off of my game a bit, either missing dance steps or calling incorrectly, most of my students laugh along with me to help me to get through the class. Thank you!

When I am under the weather, there is more than one student willing to help me to carry equipment. Thank you!

When I couldn’t find parking one day this week, because the lot was completely taken over by snow, one of my students drove past a spot that we were both eyeballing, so that I could get in and start class on time. Thanks Wendy!

When I am experiencing pain, I feel encouraged by the bravery and determination of my Sit and Fit students who get to class with the assistance of their canes and walkers. They never complain and they are full of gratitude for my class. They are my Superheroes! Thank you for teaching me what is important in life!

These flowers are for all of my students for everything that you do to make my job easier.

We spend hours together each week, laughing and sweating as we perfect our dances, push through push-ups, lift weights or stretch.

I can’t thank you enough for your kindness.

Thank you!

Happy Valentine’s week!

See you soon,