On November 1st, I sprained my ankle teaching line dancing in running shoes. Despite the fact that I warn my students to wear proper footwear for each activity, I didn’t head my own advice and I tripped. Gym shoes are meant to grip the floor, whereas dancing shoes, are meant to slip slightly so that we can turn, shuffle and pivot easily. The great news is that I heal very fast. Here is the picture of the foot one day after the accident and then one week later.


People are amazed at how quickly my injury healed. I will tell you that I reached out to my physiotherapist the day that it happened and she told me that if I could put weight on the foot and walk a bit with no pain, nothing was seriously wrong and that all I needed was rest, ice and elevation. So I did exactly that, keeping my foot elevated for 15 hours solid, icing every few hours. At that point I started walking a bit to get books and snacks etc. I took five days off from teaching and voila, the swelling had dropped dramatically which allowed me to move a bit more each day.

I never stopped moving. Even on the day of the accident. I kept moving my foot gently in all directions whenever I was sitting still. As Miranda Esmonde-White says in my Essentrics Instructor Manual, “movement is essential for healing.” Lack of “movement puts us on a trajectory that leads to a hardening of the body’s lubricating oil, cell atrophy and stiffness in all surrounding areas.” She even goes so far as to say that “when a minor injury does not heal sufficiently, it is most likely a result of the client not moving after they became injured.”

In the end, you must listen to your body and your gut feelings and check in with a health care practitioner for advice specific to your situation. I knew that even though I had suffered a serious accident, I was going to be okay. I know myself very well. I also am very diligent about following the orders of my physiotherapist religiously.

Thank you for all of the warm wishes for a speedy recovery. It worked.

See you soon,