Many of you have reached out to me over the last few days to express concern as I live near Rigaud, Quebec where they declared a state of emergency due to extensive flooding. Luckily we live up on the Mountain and flooding is not one of our worries.

On Saturday, we went for a drive along the lake shore so that I could show my husband how serious the situation is for some people. The above photo is of the Oka ferry in Hudson which many of you have probably taken at some point in your lives. The ferry is not open yet so that boat that you see to the extreme left is up on the grass. The other boat is parked on the driveway, that is now completely covered by water.

A house that we considered buying about ten years ago, on the border of Hudson and Rigaud, is completely surrounded by water today. It looks like it is part of the lake. I have clients who come from Pointe Fortune, which is west of Rigaud, and they were not able to attend classes as they were laying sandbags in an attempt to save their homes.

It is a stressful time for everyone. I am grateful to be dry and very thankful to have caring students, family and friends.

Wednesday I will publish a more official post. I just wanted to let everyone know we are well.

See you in class,