When clients tell me what they don’t like doing in fitness classes, I pay attention and then I do my best to incorporate some of those dislikes into our sessions together. I know that this sounds a bit bizarre but my goal is to help my students to improve.

Presumably, we all love to do the exercises that we’re good at because we feel successful and strong. My job as your trainer, whether we be working together one on one or in a room with 50 other students, is to improve weaknesses.

For instance, if you happen to mention to me that you hate balance challenges, them my guess is that this is because you feel you have a weakness in this area. I then know that we need to incorporate more balance training, so that you don’t suffer a serious injury from a fall. While I cannot guarantee that exercises to improve your balance will prevent falls altogether, I can work on improving your core strength to lessen the impact, should you stumble.

I have clients who have told me that they absolutely hate push-ups. After a bit more discussion, I discover that the real reason is usually that they feel they cannot do them well. My goal at that point is to strengthen all of the muscles used for this exercise and then have them do one or two well and before we know it, they have improved and now feel better about push-ups. They may still ‘hate’ them but now it is for a different reason: repetitions!

A large percentage of my male students hate devoting time to stretching. This is usually because they feel unsuccessful. I do my best to work stretching into any fitness program for these clients. I spend at least ten minutes at the end of each group fitness class stretching to help everyone improve their flexibility and I always tell my clients with tight muscles to join a yoga class. Tight muscles lead to injuries later on in life.

I have met clients who have tried my line dance classes and they have given up after only one experience. Now some students may simply hate the music or the fact that they have to follow a pattern, because they just want to bust into their own moves, but more often than not, it’s because they are having trouble with their memory. I have watched clients in this situation improve their memory skills to such an extent that they now can correct me if I make a mistake!

Think about the components of fitness that you hate because they are highlighting a weakness that when improved will result in a healthier you!

So tell me what you hate and lets get started.

See you soon,