Teacher Training-canfitpro FIS

If you are interested in becoming a fitness instructor, I’m offering the canfitpro FIS course, virtually, so you can learn from the comfort of your own home. The course is 25 hours long, with a 3 hour Theory Exam and 45 minute Practical Exam. All done online.

Take advantage of my 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. I will give you all of the tools that you need to succeed. I will continue to support you as best I can once you have become a new instructor. I have connections in the business!

Student Testimonials

“I am very satisfied with the course. It was fun and informative and the perfect intro into the world of teaching fitness. I strongly believe in the power that a teacher holds in making or breaking the learning experience, and I’m fortunate to have had a PRO TRAINER who was as passionate and invested about health and fitness as Beth. I highly recommend this class.” – Haben Tekie 

“Beth is an excellent teacher. She is always on time and prepared which I appreciate a lot because is shows that she loves her job and respects her students. Both the theory and practical workouts that we did during the course, provided me with useful tools and information that will allow me to succeed as a fitness instructor.” – Marta Seremet

“I was overwhelmed at first by the amount of theory in the text book but I was pleased by how well it was covered in class. I liked the way that we’d do the theory in class and then get to practice what we had learned in workouts.” Jessica Rawlings

“This course was extremely helpful and made learning the material much more manageable. Beth has many interactive techniques which help to make the information stick. The space was perfect for the course having both an area to learn the theory and an area to exercise and practice. Beth really helped to make the course fun and addressed all concerns and questions that I had.” – Gwen Woo.

Sign up today by contacting me directly from the Home page or by phone: 514-241-2475. Or by visiting https://canfitpro.com/

I look forward to helping you to become the best instructor that you can be!