I have often remarked about how strong my students are. I know that many of you are battling various conditions and yet you still manage to get yourself to class and smile! I am inspired everyday by your courage and your resilience.

Today’s message is just a wee reminder to listen to your body and to take note of little changes you may notice in your physical well being. Perhaps you are experiencing bouts of dizziness due to a medication change or maybe you are finding yourself short of breath during mild activity. Your trainer or instructor needs to know about these changes in order to keep you safe during your exercise sessions and these indicators should lead to adaptations in your workout.

There is a tendency among students to want to continue doing the same class, exactly the same way, despite these changes. I totally understand the desire to cling to our routines however it is very important to speak to the instructor and let them know what is going on regarding your health. If you are in my classes, I will do my best to suggest alternative exercises to help you adapt to these changes in your health or I may advise a short time of rest.

Your health and safety is my ultimate concern. We have to work together to keep you fit!

Have a wonderful day everyone.