This was the view from our tent last summer in Gatineau
Provincial Park.  The water was steps
away.  Such a lovely 3 days.
For many of us, it is hard to get away for a holiday.  Just like it is hard to put in time at the
gym, however both are equally important to our health and happiness.
Getting my husband to go away for a few days is very, very
hard but once he is in the lawn chair, looking at this view, he wonders what took
us so long to get there!!!
Take a mini vacation this weekend. Pull out some old
vacation photos, or start to plan your summer retreat.  Or, pour yourself a glass of wine and sit by a
sunny window and read. Vacations do not need to be expensive, long trips.
Simply slowing down and taking 15 minutes for yourself, can be equally
Do a one small thing to help you remember that life is not
all about work.  It is about taking in
the view and really enjoying those special moments.
Have a great rest of the day.