As many of you know, I take the Lakeshore to work almost every morning. I force myself to slow down and enjoy the drive, as I found that fighting traffic daily was making me feel like a mouse on a wheel. I thrive when I am by the water, so I often stop for five minutes to center myself for the day or to write a program for a class that I am about to teach.

On Tuesday morning, I was parked in a spot right beside the water and while I was enjoying the view a bird landed on the hood of the car beside me.  Now while I was thinking, “wow I would not want that bird on my hood,” the man was too busy doing something beside him, to notice that he had a visitor.

The bird was there for a good 3 minutes and this man never looked up. He was parked in this beautiful location but so focused on his business, that he totally missed this rather neat view taking place right in front of his nose. I was enjoying the irony of it all and totally forgot to take in the view of the lake but I had great fun trying to capture the image.

When I got home and showed my husband, he told me to expand the photo even more and then we noticed the man in the distance taking a picture of the lake. So who has the right perspective?

My attention was caught by the bird. I was watching the bird, feeling badly for the man missing the bird but the bird and the photographer are taking in the lovely scenery.

The actual photo captures the inside of my car and you can also see the view of the building behind us in the side view mirror. Peter and I examined that mirror for any signs of people in the window of the building.

Take in the scene. Expand those photos for interesting perspectives. Life is rarely just about one thing. There is so much to take in and appreciate if we slow down and take the time.

See you soon,