Just like you, I am dealing with some sort of challenge right now.

Some of us are dealing with physical ailments.  Some of us are dealing with financial problems.  Some of us are struggling in our relationships.  The lucky ones may have a bit of all three going on. Yes, I am being facetious….to a point.

My message today is that these challenges can sometimes be disguised as opportunities.

We only get to understand how strong we are, when we experience these little set backs in our lives.  If everything were easy, we would not push ourselves to try harder. We would not grow.

I believe that the challenge I am facing today is helping me to be a more compassionate person toward others who may be experiencing the same in silence.  We know the signs of someone in distress. We have been there or we are there currently. While the rest of the world rushes by, we can see the sadness in anothers eyes and we have the ability to help, simply because we have experienced it ourselves.

Perhaps the challenge facing you today, is placing you somewhere where you need to be, to help another.

Maybe there is someone who is not as far along on his or her journey as you are and they in fact need you to lend them a hand.  Even though we are dealing with very difficult circumstances sometimes, we all still have our skills and if we can use those inherent parts of ourselves to brighten another persons journey, than I believe that our personal struggle will be eased somewhat.

When my father was in the hospital, there were many people who would share the room and then pass on, only to be replaced by a new patient the next day.  When you spend a year in the hospital, you see a lot of suffering. I once had the opportunity to talk to an elderly lady in the room with my father, who was often asleep and alone.  On this rare occasion she was awake and in need of help as she had dropped her spoon.  I assisted her and in the process found something to compliment her on.  She had the most amazing fingernails and someone had painted them for her.  Well I made her day by telling her how beautiful she looked.  She thanked me.

She died that night in her sleep. I was sad but happy that I had taken the time to ease her pain a bit.  I made her smile. I made her laugh on her last day. 

This little shift in our perspective from being a victim to hero, makes it easier to carry on.

Use your ability to make people laugh or your amazing listening skills to help someone out today.  You will improve your situation in the process, guaranteed.

Have a great day everyone!!!