An article about Superbrain Yoga has been circulating on facebook recently. If you have not heard about it, I encourage you to read into this further. I read an article that explains the science behind it and the technique. The link is at the bottom of this blog.

The idea is to perform 14 squats while holding onto your right and left earlobe, with opposite hands, the thumb being in the front.

While visiting my sister this passed weekend she was very eager to show me the exercise, as a way to slow the effects of dementia.  Many of my older clients are eager to do anything that will help us remember things better!  I see the benefits of physical exercise and I am so happy that this one is getting people to do something toward improving their health.

That being said, I know that any type of exercise that gets people moving the body and breathing, will do the trick.

Maybe you know of someone who needs help getting started with exercise. Perhaps this simple move would motivate them to make some positive changes in their health.  I see no harm in it and the benefits are clear. I may start doing this with my Chair Class in the New Year. It makes people think and it gets us laughing and moving!  All positive things in my mind.

Have a great day!