Happy Easter everyone!

I had told many of you that I was serving dinner to 21 people on Sunday. Well as it turns out we were only 18.  We have a very large family room and we use the pool table as the base and my carpenter husband crafts a surface over the top and voila!  I have had 25 at this table when we use an extension but it can get a bit tight at that point.

Here is the proof!

Yes, the meal was gluten free.  After 15 months of practice cooking gluten free, I now see that it is not all that hard to pull off a gluten free meal for this many people and it can be delicious as well.

However, just because food is labelled gluten free, does not mean that it is good for you or healthy! 

I have discovered how to make this pineapple upside down cake gluten free and I have gained back all of the weight that I originally lost a year ago.

My message is that we have to watch our sugar intake.

I am a baker. My husband and I use to make wedding cakes for customers. I would do all of the baking and he would do all of the decorating!  So when I discovered that I could no longer use regular all purpose flour or cake flour, my world crumbled.

I have discovered a wonderful gluten free ‘cup for cup’ flour and now I am back on the baking wagon and I have seen the results.

So for those of you are struggling to lose weight, going gluten free will not solve your problems if you are reaching for gluten free cakes and pastries and cookies.

We have to take sugar out of our diet, in all drinks and food, to get the results we are looking for.

So consider how much sugar is in everything you eat. Sauces, drinks and prepared food. Eliminate those and replace with vegetables, fruit and home cooked meals. Once you start controlling your sugar intake and keep exercising, you will see results.

Have a great day everyone!