After my two hour line dance class, I have my students sit in a chair and we quickly stretch all of the muscles that we just used. I do this because I see so many people suffering from injuries that can be completely avoided with adequate stretching.

One of the ladies who was new to the class said that this part of the class was ‘harder than the dancing.” And then she joking asked if she was supposed to be able to touch her toes.. The answer of course is, ‘yes.’

So many of my clients live active lives. They dance, garden, curl and play golf but traditionally do not stretch after these activities. The muscles that are used get strong but they also get tight. You have to compensate by stretching or one day you will reach for something or try a new activity and you will pull or tear a muscle. The recovery from this injury is far more expensive in time and money than the few minutes needed to stretch.

It may be hard to stretch in front of your friends after these activities, but I encourage you to find a quiet place and go through the appropriate stretches while your muscles are warm. Hold the stretch for 30 seconds to a minute, without bouncing and repeat if possible.

If you are uncertain how to stretch, hire a certified trainer and learn the proper technique. This is money well spent!

Have a great day and see you soon,