I have a few students in my classes who struggle with regular back pain.

As I have told you before, you must address the issue by first seeing your doctor or a physiotherapist to determine what the problem may be.

Carrying extra weight around your middle can put a lot of pressure on your spine.

Sitting for 6-8 hours or more at work and in the car can compound the problem as well.

Having weak abdominals and back muscles can be part of the problem. The key is to figure out what is happening and deal with it, as it will only get worse if you ignore the issue.

If you have been cleared by your doctor and/or physiotherapist, to do exercise, then I would suggest doing the stretches pictured above. Make sure you are warm before you begin.  Move through the stretches in a flowing way. You can use your breath as a guide by exhaling while doing the first stretch, then inhale while doing the second and then exhale while sitting back, return to neutral spine on all fours before re-starting. Be sure to roll through the vertebrae one at a time, nice and slow in a pain free range of motion. If something hurts then stop and book an appointment with your specialist.

Remember that if you are experiencing back pain, stress might be adding up in your life. We all have spots where we tend to hold our stress.  Mine is my upper back and neck.  When under stress, we tense up, and get tighter and tighter in these areas.  This can lead to imbalances in the body surrounding the spine and eventual pain. Do all you can to nurture yourself with good healthy food choices, regular exercise and stretching.

Take care of your back health,  so you can continue to do all of the activities that you love.

Have a wonderful day everyone.