Today, I will be meeting many new students at the gym as we begin a new session of fitness classes. Having been in this field for over 15 years I see a lot of students come and go during the first few weeks of classes.
While it is great to be excited and want to try every class your gym is offering, I suggest that you take it slowly in the beginning, especially if you have not exercised in awhile.

What often ends up happening is people try to make up for lost time and they push themselves too hard that first day. Remember that you cannot make up for months or years of being lazy in one single workout. Listen to your body. Pace yourself and you will be fine.

Ideally, we want students to exercise daily but you have to be selective when attending classes because you can get injured by working out the same muscle groups on back to back days. So if you attend a class where the teacher works your legs and arms, do not do those same muscle groups the very next day or you can risk injuring yourself. If you absolutely love the class that happens to be training your legs and arms, then pick very lite weights or use no weights at all. If you attend my classes on Monday and then on Tuesday, I design my programming to keep you safe.

Remember to drink water. Students can arrive in my class already dehydrated and then working out can aggravate this condition. Be sure to drink water after the workout to make up for lost fluids.

I cannot wait to be back in our old fitness room. It now has a new roof, windows and fresh paint!

I wish you a wonderful fall fitness session.

See you soon,