My daughter noticed this spider on our porch this week.  Living in the country for over 20 years you would think I would be accustomed to critters like this but I was completely freaked out by this guy.

My husband was amazed and insisted that I take pictures.  I was too afraid to get that close so he took several shots with my phone.  I was about to delete them this morning and I thought I would share his image with all of you who love spiders!

I posted his photo on Facebook and two of my friends correctly identified him as a zipper spider or a yellow garden spider.  Apparently he is not dangerous though I am constantly looking over my shoulder when I am on the porch now.

My husband relocated him over the stream and into the woods, faraway from our house.  He then did an inspection around the house and found a female.  She can have up to 1400 babies!  So I am happy to report that he relocated her as well.

Their webs are spun like in a zipper pattern apparently though I am no expert and not very interested in learning anymore than what I know already.  My flesh is crawling just from writing about it at the moment so I am done with this topic.

Except for one fact that my friend Krysta pointed out.  If you look closely there is a heart in the web.  I have been seeing lots of heart images lately in nature.  Not sure that this spider is sharing any love with me but it is cute all the same…I think..:)

Have a great day everyone…spider free I hope.