A colleague of mine recently told me how impressed she was with the way that I handled a difficult situation. All of my life I have been worried what others will think of me if I say “no,” and as a result, I used to said “yes,” to everything even when it would make me sad or miserable.Now I make sure that if something does not feel right, I listen to my heart and I speak my truth as soon as it is appropriate.

I do this to keep stress from piling up in my life. I do this to keep healthy. Unspoken words have a way of piling up and weighing us down. I can bet that if you are feeling stressed or unhappy right now, that it may be linked to some unspoken words or the fact that you are living your life for others, instead of for yourself. This can apply to the work that we are doing or the relationships that we are in. Staying silent when we have so much to say, can make us sick. When you take the time to deal with issues as they come up, it becomes easier to speak your truth and to walk in it.

Watching me navigate this touchy situation impressed my colleague and it seemed to encourage her to do that same. Funny thing is, it happened easily to the point where I did not really even notice that it had happened. I am getting better and better at living my life the way that feels right to me. The fist time you present an opposing point of view or the first time that you disappoint someone by refusing to do what they are asking, is the hardest.  After that, practice makes perfect!

Remember to make your decisions based on what you value in your life and as much as possible try to walk through this life living your truth.

There really is no other way.

Have a fabulous day!