I have a favorite Spa that I like to go to a few times per year that is north of Montreal. It is called, Spa Ofuro. You can find all of the info about pricing and services at spaofuro.com.

I started going there about 8 years ago when my life was incredibly hectic dealing with young kids and ailing parents. At the time, you could go and enjoy the hot and cold baths for $25 all day long if you went during the week!  It is a bit more expensive now but it is still a lovely place to relax and they have summer specials too!

 My message today is about self care.

While travelling up to the spa on one occasion, we stopped into a Depanneur close by.  I told the cashier what we were doing and her reaction was surprising to me.

“Oh I could never afford that!”

I told her how inexpensive it was to simply sit and enjoy nature and the baths and still she just felt like she could never afford the luxury of taking time for herself.

This is a choice really.

I am not rich but we can choose to not buy fast food, soda, cigarettes, alchohol, chips and cookies and the like and before you know it, we have saved up $50 to pay for gas and a day of relaxation.

It is all about choices. Plain and simple.

I recently finished a book called “Dying to Be Me,” by Anita Moorjani.  In the book she describes her battle with terminal cancer, her eventual death and afterlife experience.  Whether you choose to believe in her story or not, her message was very clear.

We come from love, we are love and we are to share and give love while we are on earth. As Anita explains, “I knew more than ever that life was to be lived with joy and abandon.”

Try to do things that make you happy.  That is your mission, because if you are happier, than the people around you will benefit from your joy and it will spread to make the world a better place.

What have you planned to do today just for you?

Get busy thinking and make it happen!!

Have a great day everyone.