When I cut open this strawberry to make strawberry shortcake for my family last week, I was amazed to see the heart in the center.

Yes, that is me, taking the time to look at and be amused by little things like this. I posted this on facebook, with the following caption, “I love strawberries and apparently this one loves me too!”

My question to you today, is do you love yourself?

I know that you love your family and friends and pets and that you would do anything for anyone of them but are you taking care of yourself?

I have had a few personal training clients recently whose heart has been in the right place. They wanted to get fit for themselves and for their loved ones but in the end, they put their JOB first and fell out of their schedule and stopped training. 

This breaks my heart. Not because I am out of a job but because I know that they would be better at their job and in life if they learned how to say “no,” when they have committed to taking care of their health.

I am a big talker I guess.  I can feel you shaking your head saying, “well that is easy for you to say, Beth, people have to work, they have to make money!”

At one point in my life I was working 52 hours per week and raising my family with my husband. I had money but my quality of life sucked. I lasted 9 months at that pace and then I made the hard choice to live with less money so that I could be healthier. You of course can change jobs to suit a less stressful lifestyle. We can downsize and not have such big bills to pay and find a job that lets us work and rest!  It is all about choices. The problem is we get stuck and cannot make the change.

Money is great but if you end up spending it, living in ill health with nurses by your side having to dress you and feed you, you may end up feeling like you missed the boat.

Life is great until you have an accident and suddenly realize that your body is weak.

There is no way around it.  You have to strike a balance between making money and taking care of your body or you will spend all of your money, paying other people to take care of you, when you are older!

I am guessing that you are planning on using your savings for something fun and not on health care and medications. No one gets a “free pass.” So when you see people exercising, you need to be reminded that you should be fitting it in as well.

We have no idea what our futures hold, but we can be ready for accidents by keeping ourselves in top shape. An hour a day is all you need to devote to taking care of your most important commodity. Yourself.

Show yourself some love today…get moving.

Here is the lactose and gluten free strawberry shortcake…just for fun!

 Have a fabulous weekend everyone. See you Monday!