I have heard many excuses for not exercising but one of the best came from someone I know quite well. “Well if I have to exercise 15 hours a week like you do, I am not doing it!”

All it takes is the right attitude, a bit of discipline and you will be on your way to better health without having to move into your local gym.

Don’t try to change everything you are doing all at once.

I have seen clients fail because they decided to do make up for lost time, by doing it all in one day! Eating only salad and hitting up every single boot camp class that you can find, is going to leave you hungry, cranky and miserable by the end of the week.

Small steps are the key to lasting change.

Find something physically active that you love to do. Dancing, golfing, yoga, swimming and simply commit to doing it a few times per week. Find a friend to do it with you. Schedule it in and commit to telling everyone you love that this is your time to take care of you. That is it.

Try to change one thing in your diet. Drinking more water. Eating less sugar. Cutting down on caffeine. 

In my experience, after two weeks of just moving more and making smarter food choices, you will start to feel awesome and then you will be ready for more changes. 

Start small and celebrate your success. 

Above all else, try to have fun doing whatever you decide to do. Be fully present in whatever you are doing. Smile and relax. You are on your way to better health.

Share your start up stories if you feel inclined.  Encouraging people to become more active is my goal.

Now lets get going!