One of my favorite things as a teacher is having a student come back to my classes after a very long hiatus. I’ve been teaching for 20 years, so they often have to remind me of when and where we met and what type of exercise we were doing at the time. I enjoy this as I get to take a trip down memory lane and laugh about all of the various forms of fitness that I’ve done with people. I get to hear what has transpired in their lives in their time away. But one of the hardest things is to watch people go! I get very attached to my clients and because most of my weekly hours are devoted to a gym, where I am just an employee, I often have no idea why people stop attending my group fitness classes. This can be hard on me as I am left wondering about their health and why they moved on.

Yesterday, while lamenting about this over lunch, a friend of mine who is a retired social worker, offered me a different perspective. I need to remember that I’m a small part of someone’s journey through this life. This doesn’t minimize the impact that I have on people, but instead of being sad when students stop attending class, I should be happy for the opportunity that I had to help them along their way.

It really is a blessing to be of service to people who are trying to improve their health through fitness. Students are not meant to be with me forever. I need to look at my classroom (gym studio) as a place that people pass through instead of a place where they stay. My wish is to give people the tools they need to live their best lives and for the most part I am succeeding 🙂

Thanks Susan,