Yes, it is true. According to Dr. Natasha Turner, we actually burn fat while we sleep. I have included the link to the video of her explaining how this works, at the end of my blog. It is very informative.

During the television segment, Dr. Turner calls sleeping “a great fat burning activity.” This caught me by surprise but of course it makes sense because our body repairs itself while in sleep mode. She goes on to explain the hormone component of this fact and it is worth reading.

While this does not mean that you can cancel your gym membership and spend all day napping in bed, it does mean that if you are having trouble losing weight, maybe you are not getting enough sleep.

Most clients I know who are struggling with weight loss, have terrible sleep patterns. They generally go to bed very late and wake up often, before falling out of bed, groggy the next morning.

Lack of sleep can lead to cravings, which can lead to poor eating, which can lead to poor sleeping. It really is a vicious cycle. Dr. Turner explains how hormones are negatively affected by poor sleep and how this translates into weight gain.

I am not a doctor, so I will refrain from giving you any advice on how to get more sleep. I will tell you that you need to address poor sleep habits, if you are struggling with weight loss.

It is not always about what you can accomplish at the gym when it comes to losing weight.

Look at where your calories are coming from, how stressed you are feeling and how well you are sleeping at night. If there is a problem with any one of these three things, than you need to seek help if you really want to lose weight.

Dietitians and your family doctor are your best resource when it comes to learning how you can improve your sleep quality and your life balance!

I on the other hand, can help you burn those extra calories once you climb out of bed and get to my class.


I hope this helps.
See you soon.