One of my students made me these socks for my birthday last year.  Thank you Carol!

My challenge to you this weekend is to put on your favourite footwear and spend less time sitting. 

Two years ago, at a Can Fit Pro fitness convention, we learned from our Pro-Trainer, Maureen Hagan, that even if we get our clients to exercise one hour per day, they will undo all of that wonderful work, if they spend the next 8 hours sitting at a desk.

I was so upset.  Here, I have been telling everyone how great they are doing, getting in an hour at the gym daily and now I had to admit that it is not enough.

The fact is, we have to be more active all day long. For instance, I am standing while typing this blog.  I am using an old drafting table for a desk, that allows me to sit and then stand often and keep working. If you sit all day, I urge you to talk to your employer and set up a standing station. 

The constant sitting is making us sick.

Move the blood.  Work the muscles.  Get off the couch if you are reading this…Stand and walk around a bit.

Invest in some fabulous socks and shoes. Use those feet and do your favorite activity!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
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