The Gluten-Free Survival Guide – Essential Lifestyle Tips and Recipes to Help You Find Joy Again

The first step to living well on a gluten-free diet begins with this book. Face the challenges easily with practical advice on everything from kitchen set-up, to handling dinner at the in-laws to baking gluten-free like a pro! The Gluten-Free Survival Guide will save you time, money and frustration as Beth shares her top tips for avoiding common mistakes in food purchases, preparation and consumption. Beth has lived gluten-free for over 5 years and shares her passion and twenty of her favourite recipes to help you find joy again.

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SHINE Volume 3: Inspirational Stories of Choosing Success Over Adversity

I am one of 9 authors featured in Shine Volume 3. We hope to inspire others with our personal stories of overcoming adversity. This book makes a great gift!


Fundamental Fitness Over Fifty With Beth Oldfield


I have made three fitness videos that lead you through the workouts in my book, Fundamental Fitness After Fifty-Three at Home Fitness Programs to Keep You Functionally Fit For LifeThere are three videos to choose from depending on your fitness level: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Scroll down to see the description of each in detail to help you select your choice. Each video contains a muscle conditioning segment and a stretching program designed to improve your strength, balance and flexibility. The music is timeless and appropriate for all ages. I do the workout alongside you and you can always see me from two different angles, as I demonstrate proper form and technique. In each video I give intensity options to keep you challenged. After a few weeks of doing the workout, I suggest increasing the repetitions and/or the weight lifted and once mastered, you can move onto the next video.


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Beginner: (44min) This full body workout is suitable for those who are new to fitness and/or those who might have mobility issues as we use a chair for stability. We never get down on the floor, but we do perform standing exercises with the chair near by. You will also need a set of weights and a playground ball (not provided).

Intermediate: (36min) This workout is meant for people who are already moderately active. We work all major muscle groups including the core and balance. We do get down on the floor, so you will need a yoga mat, a set of weights and a playground ball (not provided).

Advanced: (39min)This workout is for those who exercise regularly. For much for the program, we challenge our strength and endurance with an added balance component. You will need a yoga mat, a set of weights and a playground ball (not included.)